Hi I'm Jonathan!

I develop and publish apps for iPhone & iPad and the Web

As of today my mobile apps have been downloaded around 6,874,149 times.*

I am from Hamburg, Germany, but at the moment I live in Melbourne, Australia.

Contact me if you have an exciting project or just want to grab a beer and have a chat.

A selection of my work

Check out my major apps.

Where is that? - Geography Quiz   

Learn countries, states, capitals, cities and important monuments with this geography quiz and learning app for iPhone & iPad.

First published in 2012, it's my number one app and attracted 0 downloads so far.

Boarding Pass   

Manage your flight itineraries on you iPhone and Apple Watch and stay ahead of your schedule.

My first ever published app back in 2011 with 0 purchases so far.

Scenic Drives   

City and scenic tours navigation app. Explore from the comfort of your own car.

Around 6,874,149 mobile app downloads*

* I started using AppAnnie since Jan 16, 2012, but published my first app in May 2011

Jonathan Hillebrand, 31

Indie iOS and Web developer.

I sketch, develop and publish apps for iOS, Android and the Web. A total of 6,874,149 people downloaded my apps so far. My best selling app is a geography game called Where is that? which helps children and adults to learn about the world.

I started my first website at the age of 12 and built a homepage builder with 30.000 users during highschool. This resulted in my first internship at SAP when I was 14 and I worked there part time during highschool and the first years in the Business Administration masters programme at the University of Hamburg. Eventually my interest turned to Investment Banking and I worked at Dresdner Kleinwort, Goldman Sachs and Commerzbank. Given the state of the banking world I decided to switch back to my passion and started my own full time app business.

Now I do what I love and that's where you excel. I have the freedom to travel the world with my wife, who is a management consultant. That's were I collect my ideas for new apps. My approach as an Indie developer is to start with a great Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and then take the successful ones to the next level.

I am also available for Freelance work, if you need help with your next exciting app project.

Before I started JAYSQUARED, I worked for these companies.

SAP | Dresdner Kleinwort | Goldman Sachs | Commerzbank